The next two years the province will basically achieve green printing of primary and secondary scho


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Let the hands of the children’s books become green pollution-free, is the development trend of the printing industry. From the fall semester this year, the province’s primary and secondary school textbooks began to implement green printing, in the next two years, the province will basically achieve the full coverage of primary and secondary school textbooks green printing.

it is understood that green printing refers to the ecological environment of small, less pollution, save resources and energy printing. Since the implementation of green printing in 2010, China has 153 enterprises to obtain green printing certification, green printing standards, testing, certification system basically formed, in energy-saving emission reduction achieved important results. At present, our province Qinghai Xinhua printing factory, Xining printing factory, Qinghai daily printing factory and Xining Dongbao printing company has done a lot of work in green certification has been confirmed, the certification report submitted to the Ministry of environmental protection, waiting for the next step of the evaluation and certification. According to the requirements of the General Administration of press and publication, the next step in our province’s publications, packaging and other printing companies will accelerate the implementation of green printing. In addition, the commercial paper green printing standards will also be officially released by the Ministry of environmental protection, the implementation of commercial paper green printing will also begin to cover in our province.

reporter has learned that the implementation of green printing before the vast majority of the national printing enterprises basically the use of paper, ink and other materials and traditional printing technology. Today, more than 60% of the paper used by the green certified printing enterprises through the forest management committee, the use of environmentally friendly ink up to more than 80%. (author: Fang Xu)


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