With a new year to celebrate the Chinese new year to go Grassroots old age


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Recently, the reporter found that Street Office School Lane Community interview in the ancient city of the West District of Xining City, Taiwan area, some Empty Nester love company pension, the Chinese new year this year, they came up with a does not increase the burden of children and make their way to the celebrations of the year of monkey – interest cast "grandma grandpa" initiation of the new pension together the idea of.

"3 of us are relatively similar, his wife died, the children are not around, which is now often said Empty Nester." Liu aunt did not expect that, just to be a partner, about the next day to eat together, but over the years we have more and more deep feelings, and now like brothers and sisters.To buy food to go

"old should be like this, there is a reference to each other, so reduce the burden to their children." Aunt Liu said that in this new family, the 3 of them care for each other, the children are relieved.

common manual

in addition to do manual work, Liu aunt, they often go out to play together. "When we go out to play, where we go, where we sing." Han aunt said.One year later for

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