The road landscape around Xining to reshape the Huangshui River green style


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February 25th, Xining forestry work conference held. The meeting decided that this year, Xining city landscaping will be based on the mountain, water, road, the green landscape remodeling in Huangshui River basin.

it is understood that this year, the Xining municipal forestry departments in formulating and delivering the forestry task, grasp the key forestry projects, the construction of city ecological network system construction of ecological civilization of the plateau landscape, picturesque scenery, garden city, and strive to create a national model green city in the first place. The construction of two Nanshan green barrier project will be completed 24 thousand acres of artificial afforestation, the completion of the Wenfeng area of 7000 acres of afforestation and monument wave area green area of 5000 acres of afforestation and replanting work, 10 green area scenic and landscape construction; continue to implement the comprehensive management, Beishan rock exit road with a green landscape, the ecological water system construction project. Completion of three North Shelterbelt Construction Project, natural forest protection project, returning farmland to forest project, national key public welfare forest ecological compensation and other construction tasks.

addition, urban landscaping will be Nanshan greening, Beishan rock governance and other key projects as a breakthrough, the full implementation of the highway 5 Ning City exit road, west of Chaoyang, Huang highway railway Golmud DOPA urban section of Kumbum Monastery and other tourist attractions as well as the ace 109 State Line Road on both sides of highway greening work. To further accelerate the Huangshui River, Nanchuan River, Beichuan River, the completion of the greening work Huangshui Lake District Hehai section, Nanchuan River Jiefangqu to gardener plot, Beichuan River section.

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