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the footsteps of spring, open a new hope; the call of the dream, the struggle to gather strength. With the opening of the twelve session of the National Committee of the CPPCC in Beijing, we once again entered the annual "two sessions" of the". Decide to be decisive, start with the beginning. The cohesion of positive energy, boost manner, to mobilize this year into NPC and CPPCC do 2016 annual work meeting, the mobilization of all Chinese people into wisdom and strength, to achieve a good start in 13th Five-Year ", is the common expectation of the party and the people, is the glorious mission entrusted by the times.

in "12th Five-Year", Chinese in the temper line in to produce extremely uncommon transcripts; prospect of "13th Five-Year", national prosperity and rejuvenation, the well-being of the people, has never been so closely connected. Standing at a new historical starting point, through the two sessions window, we can deeply feel the confidence of China’s forward, the foundation of China’s miracle. The eighteen Party since the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary of the unite and lead people of all nationalities, all relay struggle, with new thinking and new ideas to create a new strategy of governing new realm, opening a well-off new journey. Under the leadership of the party, the National People’s Congress and CPPCC around the central task, the responsibility, on behalf of members to perform their duties in response to maximize consensus and inspire unity majestic force. The history and reality tells us that the Party Central Committee at the helm of navigation, the socialist system Chinese features great advantages and strong vitality, the number will ship in time and in Pibozhanlang, mighty forward.

"in unison  wins." NPC and CPPCC, is a bridge between the party and public opinion, is beneficial to the people’s livelihood together. Recently, the two sessions launched by Xinhua survey shows that people concerned about the focus of attention and focus on promoting the work of the high degree of coordination. From poverty alleviation to supply side structural reforms, from the rule of law to "The Belt and Road", from the air pollution control to protect the safe tongue, people call on the government to. Fit is the resonance point, attention index divisor, in NPC and CPPCC democracy on the palace, we once again usher in consensus and gathering strength opportunity.

in 13th Five-Year, has entered a new norm, China economic growth across the waves, a comprehensive well-off Chinese to victory, 1 billion 300 million Chinese life will have to change in the next five years, the answers to these questions, not only the attention of the whole nation, let the world’s attention.

good NPC and CPPCC, widely listen to public opinion, give full play to democracy, inside and outside the meeting together with the observation and thinking of the lively practice of reform and development, will be able to discern in AC collision Chinese development into a steady trend, Chinese economic "four no change" fundamentals, to further strengthen the development of confidence; unite the wisdom and strength. The party’s views and wishes of the people through legal procedures into the country will jointly develop the "13th Five-Year plan", can be in scientific decision-making clearly build a well-off society in the coordinate system, the roadmap, further hard into the power on behalf of members; outstanding problem oriented, positive suggestions, to tackle tough to find ways out a train of thought, real, can promote the social consensus to implement five development ideas, promote structural reform in a benefit by mutual discussion;

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