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three, website content update tips large total.


two, the readability of valuable original content.


believes that many webmaster website content is the original search engine will be like, but the fact is not like this, because the search engine algorithm of continuous improvement, in the search engine ranking is also more and more only, and continuously explore the needs of users and is to determine whether a site by the user’s favorite, so we in the process of updating the site, as far as possible from the user’s perspective to write articles, only in this way can we make the website content readabilityto higher, so naturally the PV value will be higher, love Shanghai through user feedback behavior may think user content for the site are compared high, giving a higher score, natural days and months multiplying will give great weight,

for the website content update such a topic, many owners are not interested to see, website content updates is to update the chant, can have what special skills? As long as it is original or false original, or reproduced some high quality articles to meet the needs of users without the OK? But that is not the case. We want to know a little bit, we do website optimization of the content is not only just to attract spiders, get the favor of search engine, but by optimizing the content, and better attract the user’s attention and love, so that visitors can become our site faithful members, and long-term profit.

At the beginning of 1,

, use the search box to obtain the content orientation.

so from the "optimization" web content point of view, we can not only the high quality requirements of content, or towards the direction of their site development, depth to attract these users, so how do we have specific skills to update website content? The following small concrete to explain I hope to help you.

2, graphic collocation more loved by the users. "

no matter what is done, the original position is very important, so our skills will start from the location, small when I update the site keywords, usually love using the major search engines to search the drop-down box to customize for your site, of course, usually shows that these words are more popular certainly, the competition is relatively greater, the core keywords so we can put these words into the positioning of the content of our website, then through these core keyword search to obtain the relative competition is not very intense, but the long tail keywords, value is very high and accumulated, but also to get a good user, and for our long-term development. The cumulative website weight is also very important.

of website content, website content must introduce, also is we usually at the time of writing at the beginning of outline, let users through the introduction to simple understanding of website content to express the theme.

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