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joined the nofollow label in two ways:

"nofollow" label is a label of noble baby, Yahoo and Microsoft Corp to put together a few years ago, the link with the tag will not be calculated weights, the search engine supports nofollow properties, inhibition of blog or forum junk messages to a great extent. The webmaster is a good thing. The following is the common problem of Lou song song nofollow.

this code to tell the search engines, the entire page is not tracking code into the code between.


navigationA lot of people through the experiment table for

usually, these sites do not track the noble baby, that noble baby through these links to transmit PageRank or text location. In essence, the use of nofollow will stop us grab target links to web pages. However, if the other sites link to the target page and not using nofollow, or the URL of the page contained in the submission to the noble treasure site map, these pages may still appear in the index. Please note that the other search engines on nofollow and we may be slightly different.

Nofollow is the chain link in

noble baby more emphasis on the PR will not be passed, but PR does not represent the rankings, ZAC also said: for users, you can click on the link to another site, did not use scripts turn, just a HTML link, this is not what is the external links

nofollow in the blog, forum messages, comments generally used area, a little expansion we can also add it not frequently update the page, such as advertising, website page, note that the addition of rel=" nofollow" website is generally not update the page, and add unrelated website links.

in unrelated website links in general use Here is the anchor text of ?How to use nofollow

this code is added in a hyperlink in rel=" nofollow", tell the search engines do not track this connection.

cited below a noble baby said:

tag is usually used in the comments on a blog or forum posts, because these places are the most spam links place. The Z-blog system is the default label with nofollow.

rel=" nofollow"

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