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5, the business experience products, such as online games, video, entertainment, gossip, money making products, users and advertising.


1, running news and information, such as DoNews donews, techweb, Adsense admin5, earn money on news, guidance and traffic.

7, the business communications intercourse platform, such as B2B, B2C, and C2C, is charged primarily to the seller.

8, business ideas exchange platform, such as a variety of blog, BBS website, earn advertising money.

10 provides services for individual users, such as IM’s , mail box 126, advertising money and value-added services.

3 deals with spiritual products, such as novels, professional papers, and fees to readers.

, a computer historian who specializes in evaluating computers for auction site Charitybuzz, Cohen, ·, and Cory Corey Cohen called Apple 1 a "celebration machine", saying the auction machine is unique. This is not just because the world is only 60 to 70 apple Apple 1 parts, it is important for the collection of the original state, which comprises a blank printed circuit board, that is to say the machine was never sold to the public, is likely to have been left in the hands of Jobs.

NetEase Francisco August 9th message, according to foreign media reports, recently, the United States will again auction auction site Charitybuzz Apple Com puter Inc in 1976 produced the first Apple Computer Apple 1, estimated the final auction price or $1 million.

in addition, Cohen called the Apple 1 "celebration" another reason for the full display of Wozniak and Jobs’s entrepreneurial courage and intelligence. "These RAM chips are very valuable," says Cohen. "In contrast, other boards won’t use this RAM chip.". It shows how the founder of the Apple Corp produced the most advanced machines with the cheapest components. This fits Jobs’s style and achieves the acme of perfection with the cheapest parts."

11, the technology products that run individual users, including software and hardware, make money for individual buyers and manufacturers.

Apple computer is now the predecessor of the Apple Corp. Its founder Steve · Jobs Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak Steve · Wozniak for the first Apple Computer in design. In order to make machines, they did what many small entrepreneurs do now: they sell their assets to make money. He sold his HP calculator and Jobs sold his volkswagen. Next, Jobs in the garage, Wozniak working every day to four o’clock in the morning, personally welding circuit board. In the summer of 1976, they finally produced the first Apple Computer Apple 1 prototype, and Jobs went to sell them.

9, personal communication platform, such as 51 and other dating networks, clubs, clubs, earn membership fees, as well as offline activities.

6 provides information downloads, such as CRBT, movies, and MP3, mainly to information users.

Cohen points out, behind this apple computer, there are many entrepreneurs can learn. A successful enterprise can take advantage of existing mass production technologies and manufacturing processes

14, which manages smart products, such as Witkey, wikis, consultants, and training, charges smart users.

"In the beginning, we were completely confused about what people would do with these machines," Jobs said in memory of the time in 1980,

2 operates business information such as the Yellow Pages model, the enterprise classification information model, the world manager network model, and the charging of information publishers.

12 provides technology, products and solutions for businesses, and earns money for technology, products, and full case services.

4, operating information intermediaries, such as sh419, shlf1314 and other search engines, charging business information publishers.

13, the only ad network, individual users will click on paid advertising, earn money, for example by network.


Cohen said, "this Apple 1 blank circuit board not only represents a period of history, but also a work of art.". It’s different from the other Apple 1 we’ve seen, and its quality is better. This is the best Apple 1 product we’ve ever seen."

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