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fourth and other tools: the expansion of many key tools can be used, for example, after WordNet is a very good tool, he provides a lot of functions, keywords and expand the depth of mining is a highlight of the function, this function provides the query node.

site to determine the target keywords, we also need to keyword expansion, because our website needs plenty of flow, if only to rely on the target keywords is not enough. Also need to find some search volume, but the degree of competition is not big, more words and correlation and the main keywords, interspersed into the website through reasonable arrangement. Development is the theme of today and share key. I have summarized eight aspects, today introduced the first four first, if have a wrong place, also welcome.

, the first words related tools: common development tools is love Shanghai index and noble baby keyword tool, especially the latter use more convenient, we query a keyword, the noble baby tool will list at least dozens of relevant keywords. So we can take any of a new query, and can get another dozens of relevant keywords, so we can pass this way to mining. After obtaining a set of keywords, the download to Excel files, in which you can delete some repetitive word search volume is low and the word, so that they can get a certain amount of keywords search. In addition, Shanghai love index is also a good tool, it will also show that many relevant keywords.

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second, the search box prompt: search box that largely reflects the recent was popular search keywords, such not only to the user input is convenient, but also created a chance to find relevant keywords for the webmaster. Input your target keywords in the search box, automatically prompted a lot of Related words when the lower part of the search box will, these words are not complete, some contain complete sentences, but it is undeniable that the word and sentence can have very large search volume, the corresponding will also have a lot of hits therefore, the webmaster can make good use of this function.

third, relevant search: search is search engine in order to better serve customers and provide the function, because many users search time not sure what I should search keywords to find the most accurate results, but in his search is completed, the search engine will show some of the most relevant search words in the pages below the search term is according to user search times and automatically give matching, is what uncertain what should be what kind of search keywords users a prompt. After we input your keywords, in the relevant search can be seen in a search of two rows and five columns, we can take these words to search, although the difference between each word is very small, but sometimes the user search is also present diversity, so the small gap between the word and the word is not influence of the layout of our long tail.

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