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on the personal point of view, some of the information content refers to the site itself, to provide the corresponding cutting consistent with the contents of the search, this is the real content. (here is not to say that you just have a pseudo original, just copy the content on the line, or just write a line.) is required to comply with the search intention, this is very important.

time soon, 2014 will soon be over half of the time, so this year the Shanghai dragon is how to do, how to operate the web site optimization is consistent with the love of Shanghai search engine, how can have ranking, with these questions to analyze the website optimization of 2014 is how to do.

What is the chain site of

compared with the past, a few rules of Web site optimization, I believe we are not forgotten, content is king, the chain for emperor legend, how do you see it? In fact it is meaningful, you know what the content is, what is the chain? Can you imagine these not simple in.


: the first site optimization, to experience, what experience? This is very important for a station, it simple is to give people a sense of vision in the first.

This year’s

first, we must learn to analyze the past Shanghai dragon is how to carry, before 2013, a lot of Shanghai dragon is the use of some of the chain description text, to the rankings, many more people are doing some black chain. I believe we are all still remember these things, just do something, pay a little is likely to be on the front page, not today.

second: the content of the website is to original content, is not only the contents can be accepted by the search engine, a lot of people for this view should be said: agree.

What is the content of the website ?

a lot of people have asked the Shanghai love he know, for optimization purposes much? In fact, search engine is very clever, he can know a IP page to stay in a certain time, which is more affected by the user’s favorite page, it has been said that the the importance of.

I often love challenges, the face of it, but in fact, not like this. You understand? We will give an example to illustrate it, now a lot of media station, a news can be copied to copy 100 times, fall in love with.

website optimization is how to do more meaningful, in order to guarantee not to be under the premise of K station, ready to Shanghai dragon, to achieve their own goals or plans, the following is the author’s point of view:

chain we should have is not strange, but let you say, you can say a so, see Wikipedia, that is sharp, you know, understand? So you are what kind of the chain, in my opinion, the chain and the contents of the front is closely related, is to meet the search intention, this is really a chain.

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