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6. site updated every day, to ensure that Baidu snapshot within a week. In fact, the daily update is not much, just three articles, even if the three articles are copied, I am lazy, rarely make changes, as long as the update on the line.

5. for carbonliccrystal floor heating to warm and soft, a hair related websites.


4. internal link optimization, to expand the internal page links between each other. A page link related to more than a dozen pages.

MyScript Calculator will automatically identify the mathematical formula for you, and help you to automatically calculate results, thus, do not need to learn engineering calculator usage, you can also help you to calculate mobile phone directly, in addition to four operational rules like the add, subtract, multiply and divide, square root, fractional arithmetic and so on, MyScript Calculator can successfully support.

MyScript Calculator Handwriting Calculator can solve your above troubles. This App interface is a whiteboard, you just write your finger on the whiteboard to calculate the formula can be written immediately askew, it does not matter.

doesn’t matter if you make a mistake. As long as you apply it, you can eliminate some of the wrong numbers or formulas. The following two diagrams are the effect of MyScript Calculator on the identification of formulas.


1, starting with outside testing, remove some links that are often not open. Remove some snapshot, update too slow, and and this site is not too related website link, the result is my web site without the chain, ha ha.

3. keyword density adjustment, I put the home page keywords directly removed, now you see is a big flash and pictures. Can we have a doubt, do not light industry? In fact wrong, you do not try, how to know it? In fact, I put all the keywords written in description, ALT also wrote the keyword pictures.

below, take my optimization of a site, modest carbon crystal ground heating as a case analysis. Carbon crystalline floor heating is a new industry, very promising, this is my motivation to join the industry. I talk about this station, this site is at the beginning of November on-line, on-line 24 hours after included, after 2 weeks of optimization "carbonliccrystal floor heating" and "carbon" into Baidu and Google before the five, ranking rose so fast, I’m quite worried because I had several stations are ranking up not long after completely ranking, my goal is to have two months to come up, so a lot of resources also useless. I didn’t relax because I was up in the rankings, but moved in step by step. I repeated my work every day: update. Phoenix nest after a rival ranking pushed in in front of me, twenty-four hours not to disappear, and my ranking although a slight change but not, also in two positive and negative shocks, there is hardly any adverse effects. The other competitors in phoenix nest after carbonliccrystal floor heating inside buy Baidu promotion are gone, was glad of it, finally do in front of a stack of ten promotion, did not expect a few days out, now think, should be when opponents will not use the Phoenix nest.

In December,

for average users, it’s convenient to simply add and subtract a calculator on your phone. The number keyboard knocks and knocks, and you can quickly figure out the result. However, if it is a bit more complex multiplication and division operations, this time your heart may want a good mathematical formula, but you don’t know how to use the keyboard to input formula calculator.


2., when doing the chain, try to diversify keywords, such as: Although we are doing "carbon crystal warm" the word. We can use "carbon crystal", "floor heating" as the other side of the link word.

automatically identifies content

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for site optimization strategy

phoenix nest on the line, the webmaster is a great shock, a large K was set Mao’s home page is missing, and the influence of my website is positive, the situation is a good ah, together now, you should not lose, so now to share personal experience.

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