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Google search will be a major adjustment reduce the infringing website ranking

, if you receive a copyright holder on the part of the great number of website infringement notice, Google will reduce these websites in its search results ranking. Google said the move aims to help users more easily find legitimate, quality content sources." This means that Google will try to search for movies and television and music content and user oriented Hulu sites such as Spotify, rather than BT or Megaupload website such a file sharing site storage.

said Google is confident about this, because Google is the current copyright infringement reporting system in which sites are reported most frequently produced massive data — Google only in the past 30 days will be received and processed more than 4 million 300 thousand delete URL requests, more than 2009 full year total requests. read more

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There are giants approach Fosun set up film and television company focus on content plans to be li

2. can’t break through the bottleneck of execution

Wangzhuan and the reality of the business entities is the same, basically no sale no cost, then a small business to invest a certain cost. You do Wangzhuan host, domain name and other hardware, you learn Wangzhuan skills training costs, you put the learning time and so on, are you the cost of. If a novice wants to do something in this business, he must first lose his money, say good, do his worst, and do his best. As you can see, very few successful people are not cheated or failed. A project to test success, there must be a certain amount of failure and failure to accumulate experience. So, if you encounter a loss to quit, do Wangzhuan certainly not for you. read more

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The main Meng Da expression finally listed the LineNiu Wenwen start this thing always foreplay no

11 this month, the Japanese instant messaging service provider Line announced that due to strong market demand, IPO final offering price will be set at 3300 yen about 32.3 U.S. dollars. Line will also be listed in New York 14, 15 listed in Tokyo, respectively, issue 22 million shares and 13 million shares.

2, the future of the media is divided into four layers, the first layer is called content, the second layer is called the user, the third is called relationship, and the fourth is called revenue. read more

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Review and Prospect of mobile phone wireless marketing in China in 05Gong Haiyan entrepreneurship is

NetEase Finance: their own pressure.

Gong Haiyan: Yes, maybe


NetEase Finance: are there any differences in the feelings of these two startups? Is it easier or harder to start with your first venture?


Gong Haiyan: the original Jiayuan CEO, now again from zero to start a startup, one thing is important is their attitude to zero. I am a very quick adjustment, today resigned from the CEO, second days is a mentality of zero, as many friends I suspect the second venture with wanpiao, is probably just to see what the company actually not every day. I immediately decided to sell the house, because I am afraid that the future funding disruption, and then rented a room downstairs in the company. But I am also with all my colleagues, we are also in overtime Saturday, ten hours a day to go forward, so I think for me, it is relatively easy to adjust, not so much lost, because everything is their own choice. read more

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Cai Wensheng for entrepreneurship not only to do the industry first and exit is successAfter an ad

      more than 9 points when someone asked the Shanghai convenience network where has removed links, and the original is a Taobao sell, later on the position of the same size as the price of 50, but this is not to say do not believe me, after Ali mother trading he is not assured, then I recommend me another movie station, the top of the 468X60, he did not know what, then 1 months 468 yuan I experiment can not afford, I profit a month to 1000, Speechless……

      click on the registered mother of Ali; sell your website ad > > alimama read more

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Taobao is not the copy and paste off every dayNext business hot spot micro video chat

there is a word called: the characters in the exchange process, the language contains only about the award amount of information transmission 20%, more through the characters facial expressions, movements, tone of voice and other transfer.


later speech, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, has brought greater imagination to our communication, as a man, can better themselves want to express information, more complete transfer to the recipient, YY voice, as we are now very popular LINE, WeChat. read more

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Pig CMS custom menu the chain can also identify fans identity Personal webmaster website operating

industry: there are hundreds of people doing SEO services in Dongguan

Zang Weili told reporters that the first time to do a website was in 2006, when it was only ">."

Zang Weili only two years ago to contact the Internet, and now has grown into a personal webmaster, a personal operation of two integrated portal: a "home" and "a" network". In addition, Zang Weili also help Dongguan enterprises to do SEO search engine optimization service, earn some extra income. "The site has not yet been considered commercial, and the current revenue is mainly on corporate websites and online part-time services, revenue can reach three thousand or four thousand per month." Zang Weili says. read more

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From 0 to 1 second authors do not start business in order to follow the fashionOnly those who do no

Abstract Chinese entrepreneurs should think clearly about why they want to start a business, what they want to change, and how to do it."

?Now open the

"Black · author of second from 0 to 1"; the title of

what I said above is the industry, it may be said that now is the era of the Internet, for today’s Internet business, most people are still a bit ignorant, the so-called Internet business is the concept of speculation, from the West master hamburger to Huang Taiji, and then carved sirloin, there are a large number of group purchase website so, in addition to burn, which has the technical content or the core competitiveness of the read more

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Li Kaifu O2O will change Chinese entrepreneurs still need to be cautiousTaobao shopping website pub

, if we see OS >

just now, Chiang has used this very good data. If we only look at user behavior, the global smart phone equipment has more than 600 million, only in the field of iOs has 45 billion App download. Particularly exciting is that each user with App takes 94 minutes per day, which is a long time. Their habits, or the extent to which they are addicted to mobile Internet, are more than those of the Internet, more than 30% of the internet. Even the time that people use PC Internet is being eroded and declining, and the utilization of mobile Internet is growing. read more

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Several types of novice Wangzhuan stationShop competition is fierce please net model to help out m

3, Wangzhuan station

said the four maize bus station Wangzhuan, on behalf of the four high level net profit, but the four levels are not classified according to income, but according to the degree of understanding of Wangzhuan knowledge to divide the advertising pages a day a few million yuan of income. There are regular stations has been to make a fortune, garbage station, a station of a product. Sum up a sentence: learn and practice, and finally make money. Don’t want to learn while doing, so others research through a stage, you can study others 1/3. read more

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Foreigners outside the box make money online 9 killer6 2010 Wangzhuan more real

online to do Witkey, there are two ways to make money, one is to undertake tasks to make money, and one is to make marketing partners to make money. To undertake the task of making money requires real skill. You need to have expertise in design, procedures, planning, and so on.

many people say that the sale of products is profiteering industry, but need more skills, need to keep in touch with new skills and new products

to build a personal website, a lot of people not only do webmaster addiction, you can also have some traffic on the site after the advertising to make money, this is a lot of people win amateur paid jobs. Personal website is indeed very profitable, ever since the most cattle personal website hao123 by sh419 high price after buying, many people are also doing personal Adsense dream. Although after the 2009 network storm, but do an industry vertical web site, or it is worth insisting. read more

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Some good advertising alliances except shlf1314 AdsenseFour years of bitter free Wangzhuan talk free

, the total income of this stage is about 100 yuan. During the period, the surfing project is more popular, especially in foreign countries. At that time, lose trading was very popular, and many of them made hundred knives.

3, due to the third stage: click Wangzhuan downturn, commissionable team basically shut down, start playing DNF, fascinated by the elegant blue boxing, although at that time is an absolute winner of the occupation.

one, personal profile,

this stage income knife in 40 or so, until now I still PAYPAL, 50 knife under very difficult to find people to exchange! This stage is higher click the peak period, almost every day a new opening and closing click Wangzhuan! Everyone can easily operate about 30 click the project. "Friends earn nets" is the leader of this period! Daily income more than 500 knives, there are a large number of loyal clicks like me! read more

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Lei Jun believes in the power of the nternet by sharing his businessAli alliance at the end of the

followed by marketing Lei Jun said, "we believe that the best product is marketing, and the best service is marketing.".

Ali alliance end gift, mad to welcome the new year. Warmly welcome the Commission, likewise, bidding product optimization manual DEDECATES released! More good manners waiting for you to come

finally, Lei Jun said, most of all is just starting, I hope that we adhere to the entrepreneurial character, even in the future to do ten thousand people is to today’s work, every day will be very happy, but if you work MBA tutorial to teach you, started the disaster, may. read more

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Wangzhuan preferred adverbux registration detailed AllianceOpen style good way to make money to win

point Login, enter your email address and password, click the Login button below, landing

five, how to make money:


each click is 0.5-1.5 cents, every day there are more than one click, the new station has just started, to join the fast! 50% Commission. Super recommended,

one, company profile:

networks make money and nuggets in the post PC era of rolling up, no one can say why everyone wants to be a writer, no one can say exactly how many writers in china. No one can tell how many literary websites there are in china. But no matter what money is the purpose of leading nongchao. To the network, many of the writers, writers also, with the network, everything can search in the network of the sky, whether to open a book or a literary website, when editing, as if everything in sight, everything seems so simple. read more

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Online advertising information exchangeReturn Beginner don’t give up

      although the Internet advertising forms, but consumer behavior mainly comes from two reasons: one: there is a demand in the real life, will take the initiative to collect relevant information, will pay special attention to the relevant information in the network advertisement. Second: there is some latent demand through advertising, strong guidance and excited, finally discovered the subconscious needs, enhance their desire to purchase, but the purchase behavior of consumers, directly affected by the activities of human psychological domination, therefore should be enough according to the psychological characteristics of consumers in the planning stage of network advertisement, the advertisement in the strong the information is pointing directly to the needs of some consumers, as the target network advertising information service, so as to effectively convey advertising information. read more

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How to develop the online advertisersAli mom model advertising purchasing the first housekeeper wil

but analysts believe that although Ali mother have a natural advantage in the long tail, currently covering 80 million people, more than 2 billion 800 million of the traffic coverage, and has more than 40 small and medium-sized websites selected for brand advertisers more than 200 thousand audience channels in a blog site is the key factor. So, Ali mother in the accurate classification of the site, launched the "national network" products, according to the regional, industry and other precision segmentation advertisers audience, to achieve the best brand marketing accurate results. read more

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Entrepreneurs should do net red The morbid mentality of entertainment to deathCharge free business

this logic is, first make yourself net red, and then make products. If you can’t make yourself a net red, then there’s no need to start a business. But in my view, this view, for entrepreneurs, may be misleading.

capital market has a cyclical pattern is to tap new concepts, from the Internet thinking, O2O economy, to the micro business economy, P2P model, IP concept, net red economy is the case. At present, digging out "net red economy", is due to the entire mobile Internet market, has been from the rapid growth into a smooth period, the capital by the inertia of profits, it needs more imagination of investment channels read more

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How to do a Taobao guest website wellThe new board was a wonderful thing brother Lun step chairman e

if the honest brother Lun announced the resignation letter submitted step way is not wonderful, then "the board of directors is verified in the description, but people can not help but think, from the company received this letter of resignation to the release of the announcement period, submit the resignation letter of Wei Qinghua has been lost to the state.

three new board listed company has more than 7000 days ago, saying "what birds have many wonderful things, the listed company will It is often seen.: following the Airbus 831335 chairman of the board due to misappropriation of funds to the Public Security Bureau, has exposed brother Lun step 835494 chairman Wei Qinghua Express letter of resignation after losing lian. read more

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Nicewords latest crack version of 10 sets of templates College students face bottlenecks low netwo

NiceWords Phoenix no crack crack version.Rar download address uid= aqyfmZ2nabGfnOKnaKqhkZSnZayglg%3D%3D8

nicewords1214 crack version.Rar download address uid= aqyfmZ2nabGfnOKnaKqhkZSnZayglg%3D%3D8

2009, now with 80, 90 young people, a group of a group, gradually began to face the society, back at the age of 8.9, his teacher always reads "you are the flowers of the motherland ah, you are the sun at 8.9, now think about it, the original pure true, original clear, has gone, today in 2008, I have been the end of the third year college last semester, began to rely on their own to find their way out of college, was not what to read a book, do phone sales, project implementation and so on a series of P small child thing, but also learn some knowledge of read more

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Default claims say to do listing money you have dragged a yearDong Mingzhu exposes the pain of entre

Abstract: I started from GREE salesman, and then it was a complete mess, small business, poor sales, quality is not so good. Once I went to debt, the boss rogue does not pay back the money, I livinged him more than 40 days. There are customer complaints, air-conditioning noise, said that the evening air conditioning, just as the aircraft overhead.

read Jun see to the media in December 2015 listed on the new board. It has been listed for over a year now, but the company has yet to live up to its promises. In the motion information management, to the media, Xu Dongfang and Wang Yong refuse to perform the contract, then the prosecution to the court. read more

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