SKYWORTH Tmall to break the barriers of new retail channels for in home appliance industry

Contradiction and conflict between the online stores and online electricity supplier

line, seems to be under the integration of online and offline O2O model desalination. In the highly market-oriented home appliance industry, this convergence is more obvious and in-depth.

October 27, 2016, SKYWORTH group and Alibaba held in Hangzhou 2017 strategic cooperation signing ceremony,

both sides officially announced the establishment of a depth of strategic cooperation, Tmall intends to share resources through the full channel, jointly build China’s household appliance industry’s first new retail model. read more

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On development prospects of stations to choose good group software

many people feel that Baidu has been very smart, you can identify a station is a dumpster, do stand group has no future. In fact, Baidu has not been able to identify the degree of intelligence group.

We think that

do stand is garbage station, in fact garbage station and regular warfare and no clear boundaries, even Tencent, Sina and other major is to collect other people’s content, also do link optimization. Station group is not necessarily a garbage station, as long as we do, and improve the quality of the content of the site, is a regular station. read more

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Domain name registration a new line of business profits

CNNIC’s one dollar domain name in the industry stirred up waves

March, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) officially launched the national domain off action, announced that from now until May 31st, the first year of the new CN domain name registration will enjoy 1 yuan registration prices; and earlier, the center issued the "nineteenth Chinese Internet development report" shows that the total number of domain names in China more than 4 million 100 thousand, of which the CN domain name a total of more than 1 million 800 thousand, and in 2005 an increase of 64.4% in the global top-level domain ranking rose to fourth place. The report also shows that the majority of users can lower the cost of registration using CN domain name, the Chinese Internet into the CN era. read more

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2009 second half of China’s e commerce B2B market forecast

in 2009 just over half a year, the financial crisis is having a different impact on all walks of life, how to e-commerce enterprises? How to? The following through the forecast of B2B e-commerce market, the market development status of.

2009 scale: China B2B e-commerce market transaction size, a significant decline. Due to the impact of the financial crisis, foreign demand reduction, reduction of export orders, is expected in 2009 China B2B e-commerce market scale will slow growth, the growth rate will drop to 18.3%, the transaction size will reach 22350 yuan. China’s B2B e-commerce transactions in 2008 was 18900 yuan, representing an increase of up to 51.2% in 2007. read more

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Level of maternal and child market electricity supplier only dug 10% of the remaining service requir

Abstract: because for maternal O2O service user audience is the same, and maternal and child service needs of users and their low frequency, so it has a one-stop service platform of maternal O2O is more likely to reduce the overall cost of service. But for start-ups, the diversification of service positioning is better than a single service provider.

two-child policy release, is expected to the next wave of baby boom after the arrival of China each year there will be 20 million newborns, there is great demand you Baoma tiger dad on maternal and child services. More critical is that, with the 80, 90 people become the subject of fertility, their consumption patterns and consumer ideas have been significantly improved, so that the maternal and child market has a high quality and high customer price needs of the characteristics. (the "comprehensive" two children "in maternal and infant industry, entrepreneurs have to look at the data" the maternal and child class dry cargo mobile application industry). read more

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When fresh encounter the nternet is a new blue ocean or pseudo proposition

[lead] fresh electricity supplier, electricity supplier refers to the means on the Internet direct sales of fresh products, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meat etc.. Fresh electricity supplier with the development trend of electricity providers and the development of. 2012 was regarded as the first year of the development of fresh electricity supplier". The electricity industry development for such a long time, until the 12 year by each electricity supplier industry and enterprises concerned, this shows that no matter from what point of view, the industry gradually overcome the problems into fresh "Internet plus" era. This chapter from a China Electronic Commerce Research Center published the "Internet plus" series second "think tank" Internet plus ":" air industry. read more

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Electric double eleven data interpretation the chicken that playing duck swimming fast

Yang Zhongqi Sina Technology

with ALI announced Tmall double eleven transaction amount reached 91 billion 200 million yuan, cut the hand of the carnival officially came to an end. The total daily electricity supplier transactions amounted to ten million level, breaking the record again.


zero, the major electricity providers have also announced their own double eleven data. Quite interesting is that Tmall announced the transaction amount, the Jingdong will disclose the number of orders; the flagship of the whole category of shopping in Suning said growth in orders, the main household appliances 3C commodity price higher in the United States to discuss the rising volume of transactions. read more

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Suning red children gobbled up red scale 20 billion target is still in doubt

investor news reporter Davies

September 25th, Suning officially announced to the outside world, the price of $66 million acquisition of maternal vertical electricity supplier, red child".

it is understood that Suning the acquisition "red children" and "bean purchase" two big business, red child and bin purchase maintain independence in the market promotion and marketing; at the same time the online part of renamed the red child maternal channel channel, retain the red child, bin purchase independent domain name; part of the line. Suning in Expo super store, Tesco official square set red child area, realize the phasor combination of online and offline. read more

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Webmaster friends please quickly check to improve the domain name registration information

In addition to

million net, the author also received a notice of the following business Chinese, forwarding the nets of notice, hopes to draw everyone’s attention. Spend a little time to improve the domain name registration information. Administrator: This is a very important thing in the near future, I do not know if there is no webmaster network, no, it is recommended to the home page.


Dear customer:

China civilinkFirst of all thank you for choosing

Chinese million network service. read more

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The Ministry of Commerce survey rumor Taobao mall rule out monopoly

Taobao mall new event will be the end. November 1st, a Ministry of Commerce, the national development and Reform Commission, SAIC jointly launched the Taobao mall antitrust investigation reported in the online shopping industry has opened up a nest. However, Taobao’s official response can be long in coming. In the afternoon of November 2nd, the Ministry of Commerce Secretary deputy inspector Nie LinHai Railway Station rumor, Taobao mall monopoly investigation was purely misinformation, "general situation, not for Taobao itself." read more

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Ma resigned the new era of electricity providers or will come

January 15, 2012, Ma Yun said in an internal letter, in May 10th will no longer serve as Alibaba group CEO post, but do all the group chairman of the board of directors working full-time, and will announce the new CEO in May 10th, hoping to provide young people with a larger stage. Once the news came out, the electricity business for a move. As the founder of China business tycoon Taobao, Ma can be said to be a legendary figure, under his leadership, Taobao and Tmall have achieved the independent development of long-term development, as of December 2012, Amoy and Tmall’s market sales ratio were 42.3 and 22.1, occupy most of the country Chinese electricity supplier, especially last year the double eleven, Amoy and Tmall repeatedly break the record, create a sales myth, sales amounted to about 2000000000. Since Taobao and Tmall to have long-term development, Ma should continue to sit tight in the CEO, the electricity supplier of their own ideas, but why he quit at this time, the resignation of CEO? I think there are 4 aspects to consider. read more

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Hu overseas group purchase the first price discount international trick

group buying websites such as Groupon and Livingsocial are popular because they often sell goods at a great discount. To participate in the purchase of goods also want to buy these websites to get new customers, there are a number of advertising to promote the role of. But sometimes, buy site and participate in the purchase of businesses have their own goals, and consumers did not get the appropriate discount.

it is understood that this is because many participate in the purchase of goods will be carried out before the sale price increases, which will make the discount efforts look larger. Businesses will often put some misleading advertising, and in fact, they do not have the quality of goods and so on. In addition, due to the large number of orders, shipments may be very slow. It will take a long time to receive the goods. read more

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Talking about the choice of domain name on the nternet

      recently discovered an event, TOMOS online computer has been of concern to be renamed the "1000 brain (", why the development of a station rapidly, suddenly decided to change the name of it?

      consult the domain name investment professionals, get the reply is renamed is a wise move, why?

      general principles of domain selection are: short and easy to remember, is not easy, not easy to confuse with other brands and spelling errors, company name, trademark or core business related, try to avoid cultural conflict read more

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365 com denies transfer domain name

some time ago, the Internet was once spread to enable the new domain name raise a Babel of criticism of the old domain, may sell at high prices, in April 8th, according to official announcement, the company recently officially opened the "OK365" brand, and the original domain name change to caused a variety of industry domain where the conjecture.

days ago, the reporter linked to the company’s marketing department responsible person was informed that the company will not transfer the domain name The official said, we will not, in the future will not transfer domain name". read more

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Jingdong dual 11 before the first external real name announced internal corruption events


technology news October 24th morning news, today morning, Jingdong group through internal web sites and "clean" Jingdong WeChat public number issued a "notice" of the internal corruption, over a period of time to investigate 10 cases of corruption within the focus of the real name published. Announcements, these internal corruption incidents involving accepting bribes from suppliers, occupation, ask for supplier gifts, to accept the vendors and other illegal acts.

Jingdong said that the transfer of the staff involved in the judicial authorities or dismissal of serious treatment; meanwhile, in violation of the relevant laws of the state has also been handed over to the judicial authorities to deal with bribery. read more

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Liu Qiangdong announced Jingdong 2014 strategic force big data and mobile

reporter Tang Xunfang Beijing reported

After 2013,

live training in 2014, Jingdong will set sail again.

December 23rd, Jingdong founder and CEO Liu Qiangdong started a conference on how to successfully lose weight 36 pounds, he from the finance, technology, O2O, channel sink, internationalization 5 aspects elaborated the layout of Jingdong in 2014.

2014 will be a year of vigorous development of Internet banking, financial services is also the focus of rapid development of Jingdong in 2014. Jingdong is an independent corporate financial structure, financial Jingdong CEO Chen Shengqiang Liu Qiang east only to report, to ensure that in nearly 40 thousand large companies in the financial Jingdong have flexible mechanisms of rapid response and decision making. read more

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Alipay and WeChat to pay war UPS

reporter Tang Xunfang Beijing reported

November 22nd at 12 noon, millet phone began booking on WeChat. The official introduction and description is very clear, the purchase is only open in WeChat, and only use WeChat to pay for the purchase." This means that you want to buy millet 3 must open WeChat payment.

6 days after the date of the millet phone in the WeChat can buy millet phone, millet to WeChat provides a total of 150 thousand units.

a millet employee told the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, millet phone is now a lot of fans, and WeChat platform to help detonate WeChat payment. Previously, millet phone QQ space in the first 100 thousand sets of red rice phone, there are 7 million people booking. From the experience of the past, millet 3 to be able to bring the number of users to pay WeChat will reach one million level." read more

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Discussion on the three steps of e commerce marketing

to let us know what is the conference marketing, conference marketing encyclopedia Wikipedia tells us is called database marketing, we believe that the database marketing is not very strange, this is a typical precision marketing method, let the author’s own health products marketing conference site operation experience, with electronic commerce talk about the health care industry website how to realize the type of meeting marketing! The first is to establish the conference marketing database, is to find the marketing target, so how to set up the conference marketing database? There are three usual methods of read more

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19 Home Furnishing stores boycott Tmall EASYHOME banned

car to build a new WeChat screenshot, requiring businesses to boycott the news under the Tmall line activities.

yesterday, actually the house and through the official micro release, actually home to regulate the cooperation of enterprises to carry out e-commerce.

double 11 did not arrive, the smoke has spread in the home industry. Tmall thought traditional stores pockets approach triggered Meikailong open blocked, provoking EASYHOME document control. The reporter was informed that the 19 large-scale Home Furnishing stores home, quietly Na under the "Warlords", for Tmall platforms such as the impact of the implementation of joint defense. read more

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B2C model has the advantages of overseas direct marketing

one, the most broad market

due to the openness of the Internet, B2C foreign trade can easily break through the limits of national borders, the company’s products sold to every corner of the world. From the point of view of the world, those small, long tailed, subdivision of niche products has become a big market! B2C enterprise will have almost infinite market space on the Internet, compared with the fierce market competition, enterprises are facing in the regional market in a limited, is able to create more business opportunities. read more

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