Discussion on the three steps of e commerce marketing

to let us know what is the conference marketing, conference marketing encyclopedia Wikipedia tells us is called database marketing, we believe that the database marketing is not very strange, this is a typical precision marketing method, let the author’s own health products marketing conference site operation experience, with electronic commerce talk about the health care industry website how to realize the type of meeting marketing! The first is to establish the conference marketing database, is to find the marketing target, so how to set up the conference marketing database? There are three usual methods of read more

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19 Home Furnishing stores boycott Tmall EASYHOME banned

car to build a new WeChat screenshot, requiring businesses to boycott the news under the Tmall line activities.

yesterday, actually the house and through the official micro release, actually home to regulate the cooperation of enterprises to carry out e-commerce.

double 11 did not arrive, the smoke has spread in the home industry. Tmall thought traditional stores pockets approach triggered Meikailong open blocked, provoking EASYHOME document control. The reporter was informed that the 19 large-scale Home Furnishing stores home, quietly Na under the "Warlords", for Tmall platforms such as the impact of the implementation of joint defense. read more

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B2C model has the advantages of overseas direct marketing

one, the most broad market

due to the openness of the Internet, B2C foreign trade can easily break through the limits of national borders, the company’s products sold to every corner of the world. From the point of view of the world, those small, long tailed, subdivision of niche products has become a big market! B2C enterprise will have almost infinite market space on the Internet, compared with the fierce market competition, enterprises are facing in the regional market in a limited, is able to create more business opportunities. read more

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EFriendsNet online banking system failure not timely account remittance

due to the failure of business online banking system, so this paragraph cannot arrive in real time, please forgive me. Next Monday, we’ll make it up to you.

Union address:

more information as in the League:
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the QQ:285445
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback QQ:285445 read more

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Electricity supplier era of reverse thinking

recently paid attention to the famous Japanese electricity supplier Lotte news, announced last year after the termination of cooperation with Baidu’s "cool" music business quietly out of the Chinese project market, but in recent days, but seems to be quietly brewing on the development potential of the world’s top listed electricity supplier in the field of second impact initiated.

currently, Taiwan Lotte burst out of Singapore image search platform ViSenze and the Asian Fashion social network Clozette cooperation, will launch a product called "O Share" of the new social e-commerce platform. read more

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Taobao announced the list of wonderful activities off hire men and women friends slag male test and


technology news July 6th morning news, Taobao today announced the "wonderful deeds" list, rent a boyfriend and girlfriend home new year, slag male test, skin mask and other wonderful transaction list, according to the internal governance platform for Ali aegis Bureau, only 2016 of the first half of the illegal contraband, delete and disturb the order of the platform the commodity linked up to 234 million.

hire men and women friends, slag male testing and other transactions are offline Taobao announced wonderful work list read more

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Dangdang wireless orders accounted for 41% of cross border electricity supplier is preparing for bus

May 28th news, Dangdang officially released its first quarter earnings as of March 31, 2015. Data show that in the first quarter Dangdang total revenue (GMV) 3 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 37%, of which platform sales grew by 49%.


in 5 consecutive quarters of earnings, a substantial increase in investment in this quarter Dangdang, aggressive expansion mobile shopping and digital reading business, the first quarter of 2015 to a loss, net loss of approximately 60 million yuan.

Dangdang wireless migration progress is also significantly accelerated in the first quarter Dangdang new users grew by 46%, a record high in the past two years, mainly from the mobile terminal; wireless orders accounted for 41%, compared to last year was 13.6%. read more

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On the choice of small and medium e commerce sites focus on payment intermediary


electronic commerce website to pay more and more, the website can provide payment services and institutions but also a rational All flowers bloom together., the site should be how to choose determine our payment?

payment is convenient for our customers to pay the payment, so when the customer needs to consider natural and convenient, because you are no longer attractive, after advertising, customer service and other services on the customer finally decide to order but because there is no suitable payment lost this order it would be a pity! read more

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WAL MART wholly acquired 1 shops for electricity supplier in the field of showdownaug 26th 2010

Beijing morning news (reporter Chen Qiong) in the China market retreat of foreign retailers to just do it in the field of electronic business. U.S. retailer WAL-MART Department Store Co., Ltd. yesterday announced the acquisition of the remaining 1 stake. After the wholly-owned holding 1 shop, WAL-MART plans to accelerate the development of the electricity supplier business.

WAL-MART has had nearly 51% stake in shop No. 1. The rest of the 1 stake in China Ping An and co-founder Yu Gang, former chairman of the board and former CEO of the number of stores in the hands of the acquisition of the remaining 49%. It is worth mentioning that, one of the two founders of the store just a few days ago announced the departure of shop No. 1 to start again. WAL-MART did not disclose the amount of the acquisition of the remaining equity. read more

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Phpwind Chen Community e commerce needs branding

December 4, 2010 second local and industry website summit opened in Hangzhou in the afternoon, the power of community e-commerce integration sub forum, phpwind vice president Chen Liaohan made to help the community to create e-commerce ecosystem "keynote speech.

Chen Liaohan pointed out that this year electronic commerce is a hot topic, especially with the group purchase website. Chen Liaohan speech given large amounts of data and combined with phpwind e-commerce product Amoy share satisfied with the analysis, analysis of e-commerce product development and marketing experience and e-commerce market with everyone, Chen Liaohan mentioned two suitable for e-commerce website types. One is a vertical site, like the parent community, these sites have precise segments of the group, suitable for e-commerce transactions. The second category is a local site, relying on geographical advantages and local resources, can quickly build a localized buy channels for local businesses to provide resources, he said the potential of community e-commerce is very large. read more

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