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An intelligent digital Jingdong 618 battles low return

618 the buying frenzy has ended, but the warmth is not fade as preferential! Let consumers in the 618 no regrets, Jingdong of intelligent digital products to offer low price war, great feedback! Since June 21st, Jingdong launched smart digital Encore concessions, including the category of digital intelligent network, tablet 3C, camera, audio and video entertainment and accessories, explosive goods gathered together to open Thanksgiving surprise big promotion! Explosive goods as low as 9.9, the maximum reduction of 300 on account! Low-priced products in front of the 618 miss, don’t miss a lot of surprises in the intelligent digital big read more

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2015 pharmaceutical electricity supplier five forecasts the outbreak of the year

news December 26th, 2014 is the rapid development of the pharmaceutical business year, 2015 pharmaceutical business and what new changes? Billion state power network linked to the chairman of the 111 Medical Museum in Longyan, he said the pharmaceutical business appeared for the first time sales in 2015 will be a large outbreak, and the entire pharmaceutical industry will also change.

111 medical director of Longyan

pharmaceutical electricity supplier logistics license release threshold to reduce read more

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The threshold of the overall increase from 20 yuan to 79 in April 2nd

[TechWeb] April 1st news, Jingdong announced yesterday that since April 2nd, will begin to implement a new free shipping standards, the overall increase of 20 yuan.

announcement said that since April 2, 2015, Jingdong gold, silver, bronze, registered members of the purchase of goods of 79 yuan free of charge. April 2, 2015 onwards, Diamond members to buy 59 yuan of goods free of charge.


announcement also pointed out that all levels of membership for delivery to Tibet, Xinjiang (Urumqi City, Shihezi City, Wujiaqu City, Turpan area, other areas in public areas for quasi Jingdong) and other remote areas, for purchase of goods by the amount of a foreign freight charge 10 yuan / piece. read more

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News that the United States tide brand monkey mouth is to expand the micro channel

in April 1st, when the April Fool’s day, but the American Paul Homme (Paul Chao) but did not take Chinese joke. Recently, news reports, Paul Homme (mouth monkey) related matters are authorized a holding company in Shanghai China solely responsible for docking into the micro channel business.

is worth mentioning, Paul Homme (Paul) for the channel expansion and not to put up a pageantry held a press conference or roadshow, but by the attitude of integration of resources, so quietly, who will become Paul Homme (mouth monkey) in the micro channel of "relatives"? Paul Homme (Paul) responsible people in the China said now is not convenient to disclose. read more

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Alibaba in the future where

1 halo Alibaba

Alibaba selected two Harvard University MBA case, raised the research upsurge in American academia; five consecutive American Journal "authoritative financial Forbes" as one of the best B2B sites worldwide; many times by the relevant institutions as the world’s most popular B2B website, outstanding website, business class China Chinese 100 outstanding website, Chinese the best trade network; media at home and abroad, the Silicon Valley and the foreign venture capitalists as with Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, AOL par five Internet business schools on behalf of one of the. read more

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On the value of domain names from the perspective of commercial users’ competition

1, see a lot of friends in the introduction of the domain name, often listed Baidu and Google page search to illustrate its value. If you carefully analyze Baidu PPC and hot zone, Google advertising keywords competition pricing, will find a key commercial value, and in the pages of search volume of search engine is not proportional.

2, affect the search engine search the main factors of quantity, "is the main content of the existing site of the frequency of use of words, common words Chinese characters, the frequency of use in these articles is the highest, so the page search volume will be very high, but can not explain its commercial value. The most obvious, you enter the word "" Google, about 5370000000, and enter the "domain name", search to 72300000, and the former is a world of difference, but who did not dare to say "" than "domain name" value. read more

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Ten years in the crowd said the number of sea Amoy Amoy territory expands year by year

Shanghai people love the sea Amoy chocolate, Beijing people love to buy purifiers…… Taobao global purchase recently released ten sea Amoy report, with big data to show the sea Amoy shopping preferences of different urban residents. At the same time, the ten year sea Amoy report also shows the history of China’s sea Amoy consumption changes. Over the past ten years, the territory of the country to expand the territory of scouring the sea, the footprint of more than more than and 100 countries and regions, at the same time, the sea Amoy category is becoming richer, more than 2 million 330 thousand overseas goods on sale. read more

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China Telecom for domain name domain name registration procedure provided Zaiyu twists and turns

Xinbaoxun (reporter He Wenhua) Chinese international economic and Trade Arbitration Commission Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center ruling will transfer the China Telecom.Cn domain names to the China Telecom group, lost three years of seeing the domain name will be recovered, but it had not been settled, the respondent, the domain name registration "Guangdong province Tianma advertising company" has brought the a lawsuit to Guangdong Foshan city Chancheng District People’s court, the domain name battle into the stage of the proceedings.

but the expert group thinks, according to this year March 17th entry into force of the new dispute settlement rules, the prior to the amendment has been submitted to the dispute settlement mechanism of the new measures are not applicable to the domain name dispute. Since the date of the complaint filed by the complainant in this case is March 14, 2006, it shall apply to the original dispute resolution of the China Internet network information center. Therefore did not accept the request to reject the complaint China Telecom.

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Amazon push the first stall live program fashion online shopping crowd

Style Code Live


technology – Beijing morning news on March 9th, after the release of its own brand of clothing, Amazon also launched the first live TV show "fashion scene" (Style Code Live password).

this program is hosted by three reality shows and fashion shows, and it feels like a young man is visiting the QVC home shopping channel.

presenters and guests will provide a lot of fashion and makeup recommendations, and the audience can be purchased from the video player on the scroll bar of the corresponding products. "We interact with each other during the live broadcast, bringing the latest fashion and beauty trends every weekend evening, as well as guests, celebrities and the audience." The program producer Terence · (Terrence Noonan) said nolan. read more

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Suning opened in August to promote genuine beauty DaTouZhen

July 23rd, Su ningyun group headquarters executive vice president Li Bin will jointly release micro-blog, revealed that the majority of businesses to provide consumers with an awesome big promotion. It also shows that the suning.com five anniversary of the "818" extraordinary efforts to promote.

Suning marketing department official said, Suning emphasis on "the big promotion unprecedented, the preparatory work began in the early July. As the main channel of suning.com, beauty bin purchase with many brands, in the Qixi Festival first fired the first shot during the big promotion. read more

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