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Unite as one condensing two sessions positive energy

the footsteps of spring, open a new hope; the call of the dream, the struggle to gather strength. With the opening of the twelve session of the National Committee of the CPPCC in Beijing, we once again entered the annual "two sessions" of the". Decide to be decisive, start with the beginning. The cohesion of positive energy, boost manner, to mobilize this year into NPC and CPPCC do 2016 annual work meeting, the mobilization of all Chinese people into wisdom and strength, to achieve a good start in 13th Five-Year ", is the common expectation of the party and the people, is the glorious mission entrusted by the times. read more

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The road landscape around Xining to reshape the Huangshui River green style

February 25th, Xining forestry work conference held. The meeting decided that this year, Xining city landscaping will be based on the mountain, water, road, the green landscape remodeling in Huangshui River basin.

it is understood that this year, the Xining municipal forestry departments in formulating and delivering the forestry task, grasp the key forestry projects, the construction of city ecological network system construction of ecological civilization of the plateau landscape, picturesque scenery, garden city, and strive to create a national model green city in the first place. The construction of two Nanshan green barrier project will be completed 24 thousand acres of artificial afforestation, the completion of the Wenfeng area of 7000 acres of afforestation and monument wave area green area of 5000 acres of afforestation and replanting work, 10 green area scenic and landscape construction; continue to implement the comprehensive management, Beishan rock exit road with a green landscape, the ecological water system construction project. Completion of three North Shelterbelt Construction Project, natural forest protection project, returning farmland to forest project, national key public welfare forest ecological compensation and other construction tasks. read more

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The sun’s banner innovative brand children’s clothing

in the market of children’s clothing, children’s clothing market has always been a very hot market. So, now what kind of children’s clothing to join it? How about the sun’s banner? Brand children’s clothing, the best choice for worry free business. Join the sun’s banner project, open their own brand stores, the money is so simple!

sun’s banner brand covers many series of fashion personalized products, including clothes, footwear, clothing not only hats, etc., but also include Korean fashion, fashion, beauty, the cool tide and other traditional costume tide products, I believe that will better meet the needs of children. The sun’s banner is a winner of numerous consumers trust and support of the children’s clothing brand, believe that for venture investors, this brand will be a better choice to join investment. read more

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With a new year to celebrate the Chinese new year to go Grassroots old age

Recently, the reporter found that Street Office School Lane Community interview in the ancient city of the West District of Xining City, Taiwan area, some Empty Nester love company pension, the Chinese new year this year, they came up with a does not increase the burden of children and make their way to the celebrations of the year of monkey – interest cast "grandma grandpa" initiation of the new pension together the idea of.

"3 of us are relatively similar, his wife died, the children are not around, which is now often said Empty Nester." Liu aunt did not expect that, just to be a partner, about the next day to eat together, but over the years we have more and more deep feelings, and now like brothers and sisters.To buy food to go

"old should be like this, there is a reference to each other, so reduce the burden to their children." Aunt Liu said that in this new family, the 3 of them care for each other, the children are relieved.

common manual

in addition to do manual work, Liu aunt, they often go out to play together. "When we go out to play, where we go, where we sing." Han aunt said.One year later for

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Silk Road Construction in our province will have big action

this year, in order to better integrate into the construction of Silk Road Economic Belt, accelerate the development of foreign trade in our province will co-ordinate the two international and domestic markets, the development of modern circulation, foster new competitive advantages of foreign trade, investment and innovation "do articles.

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Why the capital investment growth rate topped Xining

[] with the extended interpretation of the eastern city of group construction of new targets, the city identified 49 major infrastructure projects to target a total investment of 230 billion 900 million yuan, including 23 and 26 in the construction of the project. Comprehensive renovation project of Xining Railway Station, a total investment of 6 billion 800 million yuan has invested 5 billion 810 million yuan, in 2014 total investment 1 billion 10 million yuan, wells Xiang business district and business district, financial and Cultural Center Plaza, Lake District, Beichuan river area development and DOPA Metro City Center, village in the city to accelerate the shantytowns, renovation along the airport expressway comprehensive complete the transportation project; 54 West Road West, West Street construction is to promote a comprehensive, effective stimulating investment in the city, for the city infrastructure construction and compaction force, also let the people feel the genuineness of city infrastructure construction change rapidly, to see their home area is old or impending changes in turn the world upside down.

[Extension] interpretation according to the introduction, this year, the city actively preparing for the project, enhance the project reserves, and in accordance with the province to declare all kinds of special planning planning projects and funds for work. Simultaneous;
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Two norms to improve the province’s passenger service

In November 3rd the reporter learned from the Provincial Transportation Bureau, to improve and enhance the quality of our province road passenger transport service, the passenger service standardization and refinement, the first time in our province issued specifically for service specification of passenger transport enterprises and bus station standard. Because there is no uniform standard for a long time, the province passenger bus, tourist vehicles, taxis and other road passenger transport vehicle of poor health and low quality of service; and the service bus station also care for this and lose that. In this regard, the Provincial Transportation Bureau of the province road passenger transport services, to solicit opinions on the basis of develop issued "Qinghai province road passenger transport service standards" and "Qinghai province automobile passenger service standard". "Qinghai province road passenger transport service standards" mainly from the appearance of the car, the car capacity car, health facilities, pilots, flight attendants image and service work and other aspects of the regulations. The "Qinghai province passenger car service norms" from the basic requirements, passenger services, operational services, security services, environmental services, information services and other aspects of a unified specification. The two service specification is the province for the first time for passenger transport enterprises, passenger transport stations to improve and improve the work of the development of standards, to make up for the lack of uniform passenger transport services in our province, the lack of norms.   read more

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The eighteen spirit at the grassroots level grassland Xinyu long water village happiness

came to the village party room, "Xinghai County Township Water Village Hot Springs" study and publicize the party’s spirit of eighteen "mobilization meeting" of Tibetan and Chinese banners on the eye, the house fire burned red, a sound box is playing the beautiful Tibetan songs, the scene of the atmosphere is more enthusiastic.

party room in front of the yard is placed to be installed in fitness equipment, boarding school children are not far from the square to do the break game. All of this is reflected in the great changes of the more than 1 thousand and 800 water village and the happiness of the herdsmen. read more

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Provincial Legislative Affairs Office went to the north of the city tax bureau investigation

Legislative Affairs Office of Qinghai Province, deputy director Li Xuejun line five at the provincial level leadership was escorted to the north of the city of Xining District Local Taxation Bureau of investigation

Qinghai provincial Legislative Affairs Office Deputy Director Li Xuejun line five at the provincial level leadership was escorted to the north of the city of Xining District Local Taxation Bureau of investigation.

Li Xuejun toured the North District Local Taxation Bureau Tax Service Hall, and with the tax collectors and taxpayers cordial conversation. He pointed out that after listening to the work report of Chengbei District Local Taxation Bureau, local taxation departments, the tax service hall and cozy environment, functional area setting reasonable standard, publicity electronic screen, touch screen query machine to complete the tax, tax staff amiable attitude, quick and accurate answers, the tax process is clear, the tax environment in order. Affirmation and praise from all walks of life. He stressed that in the construction of service-oriented government and service-oriented tax authorities, to build a harmonious society and harmonious relationship under the background of the times, the local tax departments to adhere to the tax law, and constantly improve the quality of tax service, establish a good image of the tax department. He asked, to the north of the City District Local Taxation Bureau Tax Service Hall for example, strengthen exchanges and learning, promote open government, promote the city’s tax department work strive for further improvement. read more

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The next two years the province will basically achieve green printing of primary and secondary scho

Let the hands of the children’s books become green pollution-free, is the development trend of the printing industry. From the fall semester this year, the province’s primary and secondary school textbooks began to implement green printing, in the next two years, the province will basically achieve the full coverage of primary and secondary school textbooks green printing.

it is understood that green printing refers to the ecological environment of small, less pollution, save resources and energy printing. Since the implementation of green printing in 2010, China has 153 enterprises to obtain green printing certification, green printing standards, testing, certification system basically formed, in energy-saving emission reduction achieved important results. At present, our province Qinghai Xinhua printing factory, Xining printing factory, Qinghai daily printing factory and Xining Dongbao printing company has done a lot of work in green certification has been confirmed, the certification report submitted to the Ministry of environmental protection, waiting for the next step of the evaluation and certification. According to the requirements of the General Administration of press and publication, the next step in our province’s publications, packaging and other printing companies will accelerate the implementation of green printing. In addition, the commercial paper green printing standards will also be officially released by the Ministry of environmental protection, the implementation of commercial paper green printing will also begin to cover in our province. read more

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