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How to implement the SMO viral video website marketing

SMO, many people still don’t know how to estimate, SMO is actually Senior Medical Officer these three initials, which is also called to optimize the release site information through social media, so as to bring high quality traffic to your site, because SMO is the biggest benefit to information release the optimization of the social media through the network are free, but the price paid is the only free time, so compared to the ganji贵族宝贝 media promotion, lower cost, the effect is also good read more

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How to choose the optimal virtual host to Shanghai Dragon

many people said that the first web space, is better than speed, this is what most people than space according to the quality, in fact, although the speed is very important, but more stability should be protected, if a site often isn’t open, downtime, then, next time will not have visitors your website, not only affects the search engine rankings, it will affect the user experience of the website, the fierce competition in the market of the virtual host, the host’s performance continues to improve, "both" is not. The United States wants to HostEase virtual host not only speed is the best in our country, and it has a quad core Xeon server, providing 99.9% online time guarantee, and now HostEase Chinese website 贵族宝贝cn.hostease贵族宝贝 also launched a new Windows host, the host user to a greater extent satisfy the domestic demand. read more

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n 2015 the three most popular platforms are still paying for poetry and distanceDoes anyone really

May 2015, Ant King clothes >

Figure note: equity congregation raised platform on-line year distribution map

below, small series will be introduced in 2015 the most popular three public chips platform.

misconception 2: thinking is everything,

platform to raise public equity investors immaturity is also reflected in the valuation of project selection, general platform project valuation is lower, more investors will raise public participation, raise the success rate is higher, for similar companies, most investors will choose a lower valuation of the project. The herd to raise the success rate of the project, the platform to raise public equity strength disparity is very big, some small raised platform set up nearly a year, almost no successful project to raise the public, but to raise the platform in the first echelon of the industry, all the chips are more than 90% success rate, such as angel sinks, Beijing East and 36 kryptonite. 36 krypton equity to raise the success rate of 97%, the Jingdong owner did not even raise the failure of the project. read more

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The lazy man’s Shanghai Dragon the construction of content is very important

3, depending on time as money

a good article in addition to the user left "the editorial staff is very professional" feeling, but also to let the user "I am also a very clever user" such pride. Almost all users have self learning impulse, especially when they see a content and your life work, but it is not very clear, they will carefully read the whole content, they are very happy to enjoy this self-study.


with a simple example, a 301 redirect is an optimization technology of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster know, when different environment under the 301 redirect and not the same way, so if you set the optimization way all 301 redirect, such as "a collection of 7 kinds of code preference of 301 type of redirection" this article believed that similar content, both know some optimization methods are not very comprehensive webmaster will focus on this article, and the content is simple, easy to understand. read more

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The new station on the line how difficult

How do we do this [


review period is the only way which must be passed new online, and when, through the review period and the sandbox, which is a phenomenon of the early algorithm nobility baby first appeared, Chinese is the sandbox effect, baby will start additional noble Guan Zhaoxin website, makes the new website ranking rising fast (some target keywords). After a period of time (about one to three or four months), the ranking of the site will gradually decline, some of the main keywords ranking will even disappear (although your PR page content is very high, and the same as the original). This is like the desert sand flow around objects will slowly swallow, so the industry for this phenomenon called sandbox phenomenon. Later, Shanghai began to follow the noble love baby, love Shanghai now have sanbox, but no obvious noble baby, because one or two months of assessment period is enough to examine a website. read more

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Promotion experience of carbon crystal heating in Phoenix NestMyScript Calculator direct handwritten

handwritten input

6. site updated every day, to ensure that Baidu snapshot within a week. In fact, the daily update is not much, just three articles, even if the three articles are copied, I am lazy, rarely make changes, as long as the update on the line.

5. for carbonliccrystal floor heating to warm and soft, a hair related websites.

4. internal link optimization, to expand the internal page links between each other. A page link related to more than a dozen pages.

MyScript Calculator will automatically identify the mathematical formula for you, and help you to automatically calculate results, thus, do not need to learn engineering calculator usage, you can also help you to calculate mobile phone directly, in addition to four operational rules like the add, subtract, multiply and divide, square root, fractional arithmetic and so on, MyScript Calculator can successfully support. read more

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Love the Shanghai news website again completed or will affect the part of the website data update

believes that the revision of the Shanghai news love will further exacerbate the effects of partial website news data. Each website optimization Shanghai dragon ER knows what the news means to a website, I think one of the not part of the webmaster daily work is to make the news, business news, product news. Believe that love will directly affect the revision of the Shanghai news news data included many webmaster, please bitter than the webmaster don’t love Shanghai because of self renewing products with profound respect and humility website optimization, website promotion, how to go or how to go, it reminds me of the expert to fish once an old seaman: < > in the storm, this pain is what, wipe the tears, where fall down where the climb up. read more

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My experience and new ideas of Wangzhuan WangzhuanNew network alliance new listen to the net out of

as a webmaster, really some confusion, I began to doubt whether personal Adsense still have future, this income from his ideal target difference one hundred and eight thousand. All say that the website is content is king, original also had, but write an article need 1-2 clocks, how many articles can be written in a day, open a blog, play almost. I have collected? With the locomotive crazy gather dangdang tens of thousands of books, sh419 started there are a lot of traffic, but the Commission is not to 100, the site was sh419 to K, we all know that sh419 is more and more dislike for personal website now, motionless on the K. Two or three I didn’t have the domain name now included recovery. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough, but I was tired, and I didn’t have the enthusiasm to do it. Although I was still updating, I really don’t know how long I can hold it. Locomotive I spent more than 100 to buy Personal Edition has been half untouched, collected, if included and ranking effect is not good, artificial? Have a better feel to it, the locomotive modified content acquisition interface is not very perfect. read more

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see the 2014 Shanghai dragon new aspect to website optimization

on the personal point of view, some of the information content refers to the site itself, to provide the corresponding cutting consistent with the contents of the search, this is the real content. (here is not to say that you just have a pseudo original, just copy the content on the line, or just write a line.) is required to comply with the search intention, this is very important.

time soon, 2014 will soon be over half of the time, so this year the Shanghai dragon is how to do, how to operate the web site optimization is consistent with the love of Shanghai search engine, how can have ranking, with these questions to analyze the website optimization of 2014 is how to do. read more

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Keywords Shanghai dragon learning network development should be how to do on

fourth and other tools: the expansion of many key tools can be used, for example, after WordNet is a very good tool, he provides a lot of functions, keywords and expand the depth of mining is a highlight of the function, this function provides the query node.

site to determine the target keywords, we also need to keyword expansion, because our website needs plenty of flow, if only to rely on the target keywords is not enough. Also need to find some search volume, but the degree of competition is not big, more words and correlation and the main keywords, interspersed into the website through reasonable arrangement. Development is the theme of today and share key. I have summarized eight aspects, today introduced the first four first, if have a wrong place, also welcome. read more

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