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Love Shanghai site index and the difference is too big after complaints put out after sharing

for many webmaster, site is K or drop right to be loved in Shanghai after a period of time, included in the site has not put out is a headache for people, there is a period in this process, the assessment of the time in a month or so, at this time every day to adhere to a solid content and the chain construction site, especially to the good quality of these two aspects, the content and the chain in essence is not much, this process is painful, because every day you do not see any results, especially in the collection of growth, it is difficult to have not included good rankings, but the assessment period after what a friendly reminder to love Shanghai to save his site out of it, the first to talk about my own experience. read more

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Teach you how to write a perfect plan of Shanghai Dragon

analysis of the 1 and the needs of users to search

2, try not to set too many keywords

website before the line, we should make a reasonable plan for the site, and set up a perfect Shanghai Longfeng planned out, according to the Shanghai dragon plan step by step to implement it, thus, the website can be sustained and stable development of the important role is to continue, we formulate Shanghai dragon plan, because, to make a perfect Shanghai dragon plan, can not only make your site has a very clear direction of development, but also can improve your site keywords ranking, what music not? Well, we should how to establish a set of perfect Shanghai dragon plan? Next, Cen Huiyu gave everyone carefully explain read more

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